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Tuition $3,199 Deposit $500 Includes Kit and Equipment

Includes Plamere Plasma Pen 

Plasma Fibroblast Pen Skin Tightening is a revolutionary treatment that allows us to eliminate the excess tissue that causes wrinkles and sagging skin.  
When the skin is exposed to plasma energy, it goes through the process of sublimation (the action of turning matter from solid, to gas bypassing the liquid stage). 

In other words, we are 'evaporating' the excess tissue without the application of excess heat and in a non-invasive manner. This sublimation effect causes an instant contraction of the tissue, eliminating wrinkles and sagging skin.  The Plasma Fibroblast device lifts, tightens, and resurfaces skin with an electrical arc of nitrogen plasma gas and targeted heat. Like lasers and microneedling, it creates microinjuries in your skin, triggering a wound-healing response.

Plasma Skin Tightening is indeed a breakthrough in the beauty industry, and a massive opportunity for beauty professionals for the following reasons:
Since this treatment is a direct alternative to facial surgery without the risk and the high costs, it's generating massive demand all over the world and it's just getting started in the United States.
It can be done by beauty professionals. Plasma Skin Tightening is a non-invasive treatment. Never have beauty professionals being able to perform such a great treatment with these benefits and earning potential!  This a 1 Day course for beauty professionals! Using made in Germany, Class 1 FDA approved technology that uses DC current, doctors as well as nurses, cosmetologists and estheticians can use this under their own scope of practice.  Renew Image is an authority when it comes to helping our students find insurance that fits their needs.  
The price per procedure ranges from $400 to $2,500 and takes between 60 minutes to 120 minutes to complete per treatment. It's possible to earn 6-figures working 3 days a week!
The applications are endless, it's possible for us to treat almost any part of the body that needs it. We can treat face, stomach, neck, and any area that needs tightening.
It has no side effects, virtually zero down time, and it's simple to learn!
Plasma Skin Tightening is the next big thing in beauty. Skincare and anti-aging is the biggest market in the beauty industry. If you're looking for a great opportunity to boost your earnings for the long-term, then Plasma Skin Tightening is the perfect opportunity.  Training includes manual, equipment sales consulting, training materials, consent forms and professional certification emailed within one week of class.

Course Includes

Hands-On Training

Work on LIVE models in class with the guidance and assistance of trainer

Product Kit

Includes Plasma Device and 20 tips and anesthetic

Supply List

Professional Certificate

Receive a professional  certificate of completion

Marketing Material

Flyers and marketing material to advertise your new service

Consent Forms

Client consent forms, After Care Instructions

Reliable Support

Reliable support to ensure your continued success after class