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Tuition $899 Deposit $250 Includes Kit

Just when we thought chemical peels were passe', they are "resurfacing" in popularity due to the fact that they are effective for a range of skin care concerns, including rough texture, large pores, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars and wrinkles.  Let us show you how the chemical peels of past  have become the future of skin care. Peels are used to maintain smooth and refreshed skin; as well as for pre- and post-op in a plastic surgeon’s office. A very popular treatment, peels are safe and effective when performed by a trained professional. Light to medium epidermal peels enable you to provide your clients with either maintenance and/or corrective results. Learn how to properly recommend and administer peels to your clientele. You will also learn how to customize your peels with enhancers for the perfect fit for your clients specific needs in this hands on class.  You will be using peels of 30% concentration and pH of 3 in this course.

· Anatomy of the skin
· Different types of chemical peels
· Selecting the correct peel for the client
· Pre-peel prep and post care after-care instruction
· Indications and contraindications
· Treatment and technical demonstration

*Be prepared to give and receive a full-face treatment, so please no chemical peels or laser treatments 2 weeks prior to training.  Training includes step by step instructions, training materials, supply list, consent forms and professional certification emailed within one week of class.